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Hi there, my name is Laura. My background, specialty & passion is working closely with medium sized retail organisations. I have a solid 20 year track record of solving problems & achieving results for retailers and wholesalers. I work with business owners that have big ideas and need a plan.

My personal belief is "if you don't have time to do it right you must have time to do it over". I instill this work ethic in to every project or job I execute. 


I genuinely love what I do. I wake up excited everyday and look forward to working with my clients. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be immersed within their businesses and the world of online commerce & digital marketing. 

I am based in Brisbane, Australia but travel interstate & overseas regularly. Feel free to contact me via Linked In or my contact form if you would like to work with me. 

How I work with clients

It's a pretty simple 3 step recipe


Digital Strategy

The retailers I work with require a flexible yet clear plan of action of what is required to achieve their goals and ambitions. I help create a customized digital strategy where all stakeholders are considered within the business.

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Project Management

Once the plan is decided, I work with businesses to get their ideas launched in to the world as quickly as possible. Then together we refine, iterate, optimise and measure what we have shipped.

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Staff Training

A new program, process or way of doing things requires buy in from staff that have to use it daily. I give them guidance and training. Encouraging staff to get excited about the changes in a business rather than resist them is really what helps organisations experience growth.

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Over the years I have had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented & lovely people. Some of them have been generous enough to write about working with me. 

I hope that you see from this small sample of testimonials that my competitive advantage is simply this....



What would it be like to work with someone that cares about your business like you do?


Wow! What can I say?


Laura you are an incredibly passionate and articulate eCommerce guru! I feel so lucky to have met you in our eCommerce journey.


The way you work with merchants and partners is truly solution driven and your knowledge provides value to everyone you consult with. I look forward to working more together and seeing you thrive locally and internationally.

WOW where do I start!!


It’s been a pleasure working with this awesome chick, and I find myself trying think of ways to keep her coming back.


Our working relationship goes back years, each time Laura and I have connected, my mindset changes and the direction of my business takes a slightly different road, in a good way - Here's why: After 10 years selling online, there were a few things I "wished" my website would do, but to make those changes would be a huge cost, so I didn't know if I should take the leap and change platforms, or invest in our current site. Laura told me about a platform called "Big Commerce" which she thought could be a good fit for us, and her absolute passion and belief in this platform was contagious. She believed in this company like it was her own, and she knew every pro, con, function, app, opportunity & design style this platform had to offer.


Having known Laura's work, I entirely trusted her judgement, so we began re-platforming. I dreaded that word "re-platform" until now. Laura helped us through the entire experience and catered to our every need along the way. Her excitement and passion for Big Commerce and my brand, made this a thrilling experience. This process was fun, exciting, user friendly, and simple - and happened in 3 months including a huge custom site design.


Laura scoped the entire job to submit to the agency on her own (and finished knowing more about our company than I did). She studied our website & interviewed staff to understand our needs. She bought new ideas, and we cheered when we discovered things that Big Commerce had some amazing features out of the box. Laura handled SEO re-directs (and there were a lot!!), agency management, store set up, training, worked alongside us with site design, and so much more.


Without Laura’s help, this process would have been a nightmare, or more likely, would never have happened at all and I would still be struggling with my issues. Upon launching, Laura worked alongside my staff to set up marketing goals and strategies and enhanced all areas of my team from the imagery we were creating, to links and banners in our Mailchimp newsletters.


Laura is a big thinker and a problem solver, she made noticeable changes in my business which can only come from her wealth of knowledge in retail and the online space. She can see an opportunity in a split second and make the change, everything she does is to benefit the end user (the customer) which is why she offered so much value to my business.

*****Hire this woman! *****


Yes that’s five stars twice and an exclamation point. Laura is the closet thing to a shooting star on earth. Fast, brilliant and amazing to see in action.


We worked together on an e-commerce project to launch a three-day getaway for over achievers, which she is one, a generous, kickass, go giver of an achiever. I am honoured to have seen this woman in action.


We got massive work done in mere hours. What we achieved in a week would have taken most people a month. She is smart, savvy, a joy to work with and absolutely committed to excellence. Bring her on board before your competition does. I told her she was a quantum achiever because she is. If you want excellence, you’ve found it the second you’ve hired Laura, star, total star.

Laura is formidable.


Rarely in my career have I come across an individual who is so incredibly driven and deeply cares for quality, outcomes and greatness.


Laura has assisted Salsa throughout the years with client digital strategy and more recently with our very own digital strategy. In only a short amount of time Laura untangled many years of SEM legacy. She also gave us incredible clarity around our focus, our why and how to better position our brand. Finally it was really awesome how Laura was able to take years of deep quality authoritative content and position tailored Adwords campaigns that would reflect our expertise instantly.


If Laura allowed me I would welcome her to lead, drive and inspire Salsa’s own Digital Strategy and SEM practice, representing our brand as if it were her own.


When we engaged Laura it became immediately obvious that we didn’t just get her time but we also got her heart, and a lot of it.

Put simply, Laura is a game-changer.


Having engaged Laura over many years as both an eCommerce and Digital Marketing strategist I can certainly vouch for her passion, genuine commitment, technical skill and her wealth of knowledge and experience. Laura quickly establishes a great rapport and credibility with new clients and really grasps their business and their objectives. She maintains a clear focus on identifying success criteria and then sustains her efforts on strategically driving and reporting on measurable outcomes.


Her communication style is very clear and professional, she is open minded and flexible, continuously educating herself on the latest trends and technical advances.


I don’t know of a single client to date that hasn’t seen a significant positive shift in their business after working with Laura and who hasn’t enjoyed going on the journey with her.

Laura worked with us initially to set up our first website for our small landscaping business. Since we had just set up the business we didn't want to pay for an expensive website, so Laura introduced us to a free website builder and advised us on the information and best layout options available to us.


In the last two years our business has grown and we felt it was time to upgrade our website and look into an SEO package, but we had already had a bad experience with an internet advertising company and were hesitant about paying upfront for a new website. We contacted Laura again and she has helped us to build a new, more polished and responsive website on our own, without having to pay thousands of dollars to a web designer!


We knew that we needed to set up our SEO, but we had no idea how to do this or even where to start! Laura came to the rescue again; she showed us how to register with Google My Business and once that is verified we will work with Laura to set up the remainder of our SEO package.


Laura travelled to us in Geelong and worked alongside us to teach us about the importance of a responsive website and the many ways in which we can use SEO to ensure that our business will be found easily online. She is really easy to work with and explains the process in a clear and easy-to-understand way, whilst at the same time taking the time to understand our business and how best we can advertise it. We will definitely continue to work with Laura as our business continues to grow.


Thank you for your time and hard work, Laura, we certainly couldn't do it without you!

I became aware of Laura’s altMBA work when Seth Godin commented on her post, “brilliant, personal, relevant,” he said. She raised the bar for all of us, everyone followed up with a comment and high five for her. She set the tone. I never knew Laura before this program but feel very connected to her work and her attitude. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a friend and frequently bounce ideas off of her. She’s empathetic and an incredibly good listener. 

Laura cares a whole lot about her clients, she even texts me how grateful she is for the relationships she makes, and the work she gets to be part of. Since we graduated altMBA I’ve been seeking out ways to collaborate with her. Even though we live on opposite ends of the world.. her spirit has been a great reminder to live on purpose and do work that matters. She is generous, lively and works from the heart. 

Following her work during this 4 weeks Laura honestly helped ME become a better leader. She’s inspiring. I love hearing about her clients. I love seeing the impact she makes on their lives. What a gem in this world! .

An Intel processor is nothing in comparison to Laura's capacity for processing thoughts and ideas. Due to how well read she is Laura is able to make cross-disciplinary connections that have the capacity to create a paradigm shift. Being part of this process and feeding off Laura's drive and energy made her one of my favourite collaborators on the altMBA programme. 

Best of all these skills are wrapped up in someone who is not just passionate about ideas but also about people. Laura has the great capacity to not only see the greatness in others but also how to best use it so that a project can be delivered to its highest standard.

Working with her was not just a pleasure but also an inspiration.

Laura was one of the first marketing people to reach out into the digital world and make contact with me as a blogger. She actually read blogs and understood reach, influence and community, which was invaluable when it came to working together to raise awareness and increase sales of one of Style HQ's brands. At all times,


Laura was incredibly professional and so easy to work with.

During her time with Style HQ, Laura conducted herself with absolute professionalism, passion and a rare enthusiasm and understanding of busines development and brand building. In the capacity as National Brand Manager, Laura demonstrated her in depth knowledge across all sides of the business including (but not limited to) sales and market analysis, brand building, marketing and international business strategy. 

Laura's drive to deliver results ensures she continues to impress in everything she does. More recently moving across to specialise in the digital arena, Laura's skills and attributes see her as an invaluable asset to any business she works with. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a highly motivated and passionate digital professional with a strong understanding of the retail and wholesale marketplace.

Laura in business terms is the "complete package". Laura combines her passion for people,with cutting edge business strategies together with an outstanding work ethic that is second to none. Her commitment to the NYDJ denim label cemented the international brand as a fashion favourite with thousands of women across Australia in a very short period of time.

Laura achieved her success with NYDJ by totally consuming herself in the label, understanding the brand's philosophy and executing a well rounded strategy that resulted in a win/win for both Style HQ and also the 230+ retail stores she serviced. Laura brought a passion and energy to the retail industry that is both unique and exciting. Laura made every customer feel as though they were her 'best' customer no matter how big or small their actual account was. This is an extremely rare talent that not only makes Laura a sought after and innovative operator, but also makes her a pleasure deal to deal with on all levels.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on Laura Lanigan. I have never felt the urge to write to any other company about their staff but I really would like you to know how highly I regard Laura and her approach to her brand.


Laura has done so much to support my business in selling Not Your Daughter Jeans.  A couple of years ago she made the effort to come all the way to Canberra and educate both my staff on the jeans, and really taught us how to sell the jeans.
Whenever I call her about promotions I would like to do, she is supportive and informative. 


Recently, Laura helped me getting an image for an ad that I ran in a local publication, and and I thank your company for going half with me in it.  This generated new customers for me. Laura really seems to understand her clients and what we need, she also really understands the NYDJ customer and I think that is what her real strength is.  I have called her for advice from time to time on the phone and always found her advice helpful.


I don't deal with any sales women or brand managers that are as dedicated, honest and real as Laura. I think she is pretty amazing.

When hiring Laura, I was confident to have found a outstanding Sales Representative for Speedo. She was self motivated, eager to learn and progress. The results appeared immediately with Laura winning the best indent competition in her first year with Speedo.


I certainly recommend Laura to anyone as a loyal and hardworking employee or as a dedicated business partner.

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